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Best Programming Languages for Game Development

Best programming languages for games developers

There are a few different types of languages used to develop games that are highly regarded in the developing world. The three of these are the most common; C++, C#, and Java. The basic codes which every developer needs to know are; HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and JavaScript.


C++ is a low level programming language. Console and Windows use this language the most. The bigger companies revolve around C++ because it is quick and has all the libraries available for promoting the graphics. There is also more control over the memory and parameters. Computer programmers favor C++ because it has the best performance.

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The knowledge needed to learn C++ is at everyone’s fingertips. There are multiple books available and online teams put together for answering questions. In order to learn other languages, this one should be learned first and mastered. Once it is learned, the rest will be easy to understand. It is important to remember, only certain engines are only compatible with C++.


Microsoft, Xbox, and Windows platforms use C# because of the benefits inside the XNA framework. One can look at C# and C++ like a vehicle. C++ is the soul of the vehicle, which is the motor. C# keeps the engine running smooth like an automatic transmission. Together they make the vehicle run as it should. C# puts the experience of the game on a higher level when applied with C++.


Along with C++ Java is another favorite among game programmers. Sockets and multithreading are supported by Java. Sockets help make the games multiplayer, and multithreading limits the use of memory. The user can still use heavy processes in the background without any problems. Java is the soul of RPG Maker engine which has created multiple games such as; Barkley, Aveyond Series, and Eternal Eden. Java is like C++. If a programmer masters it, then they can do anything in the developing world of games.

Games for Browsers

Browsers are different when it comes to making games as compared to consoles. If applying 3D graphics, then it is necessary to have WebGL or SVG. The programming language ActionScript uses flash animation in browser games, but Google Chrome seems to have taken over this option.

Alternatives for Smaller Games

Since C++ can be difficult to learn for beginners, there are other options to create smaller games. Visual Basic is a starting point, and there is also Objective C. Objective C is a simplified version of C++ and is designed to create games compatible with iOS systems. Visual basics, Objective C, Java, and C# are the keys to preparing for bigger options and moving on to the next step.

Server Games

There are some games which use a server component on the backend. Java, PHP, or C# are just a few of those components. There are other languages that a developer can experiment with such as Ruby, Python, or JavaScript to create server games. In the end, it all comes together with what language the developer is most comfortable with using.

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